Virtual desktops?

Posted on March 16, 2004

Coming from a Linux world I always needed virtual desktops to be able to function in any kind of productive way.

One of the first things I installed on my new Mac was the CodeTek VirtualDesktop which as virtual desktops go is a definite winner.

Now for one reason or another, mostly due to space constrains on my laptop’s screen when I’m using it away from my desks (i.e. without the extra external screen), I find myself using the Mac without the virtual desktops and managing to work quite well.

Actually, even with a second display I am using the Mac more and more without virtual desktops and it actually works!

Exposé and the F11 (get everything out of the screen until I launch or call something) are very useful and I can have everything I need right on the desktop without the need to look for it on the other desktops.

I may come to surprise myself real soon and stop using virtual desktops altogether.

It seems I may as well surrender, I seem to be on the process of being assimilated.