RSS in Mac OS X

Posted on September 4, 2003

Well, as I’ve said before I’m a real RSS addict.
The way it makes my news gathering easier can never be overstated.

But I have a problem right now: in Linux I was (happily) using Syndigator for all my RSS reading needs but after changing to the Mac platform I can no longer use it.
Yes, I contemplated installing Gnome on the Mac and just using it anyway, but after I tried and failed miserably to install perl-Gtk I thought it just wasn’t worth the effort.
Eventually I’m going to do a Cocoa GUI for Syndigator but until then (and it will take a while, specially since Camelbones is kind of stale) I have to get my fix of news in some other way.

I tried NetNewsWire light which comes pre-installed on my iBook but it just didn’t quite make it and then a friend of mine told me about Shrook.
Well, Shrook is by far the best news reader I’ve seen so far for the Mac. It has some of the features I liked about in Syndigator (like fine control over each individual feeds preferences) but it still lacks some of the more important features that I liked in Syndigator (like the ability to store an individual article indefinitely).
Granted it can be argued that this shouldn’t be done in the aggregator in the first place but than what I want is not an aggregator, but something a bit more… flexible.
So I’m sticking with Shrook for now but I’m always on the lookout for alternatives and Syndigator will come to the Mac… Only I don’t know when! :-)