Posted on July 28, 2003

Boy oh boy, I’m this close to buying one of these

Yes an iBook, I am really looking forward to having a laptop which fulfills these requirements:

  1. Light;
  2. Small;
  3. Runs Unix;
  4. Deals with Micro$oft Office documents natively (no more dual-boot stuff);
  5. Has zero-administration (or as near as it gets);
  6. Has lots of software for everything I might think of;
  7. And it actually runs out of the box, without too much tweaking;
  8. But lets me play around with it if I feel like it (hence Unix);
  9. Let’s me install and develop in Perl, Apache, Mason, mod_perl, PHP…
  10. Is really just a no-brainer as far as networking is concerned (wired and wireless);
  11. Has great multimedia capabilities;

Well, I’ve just been to YAPC::EU (in case you haven’t noticed it yet! :-)) and from what I saw there I really got convinced about the parts that I was more sceptical about from the specs above.

So that’s it, when I buy me a laptop it will be a Mac, and since it really is against my religion spending money in laptoys I could never justify to myself buying a PowerBook, so an iBook it is!
Now to choose from 12’ (which I can loose inside my backpack! YES!) or 14’ (more screen real-estate but bigger and heavier machine).

Oh well, in technology we trust. I do anyway…