Install Fest

Posted on August 19, 2003

With 128MB of RAM it’s really something installing all the software on a new Mac…
Today the essentials (part of it at least): Apple’s Developer Tools, MS Office, Fink + Fink Commander, Virtual Desktop, TigerLaunch, Keynote, Fire (IM), Nitro (Jabber), Mozilla Firebird, iTerm, Palm Desktop and the iSync conduit for the Palm.
Oh and the keyboard and airport card are already on order but it is anyone’s guess when they will arrive.
The memory, though should arrive by the end of the week, thank goodness for that!
All this took some time (along with some real work in the middle) and by now I can positively say that, despite my fears, the screen totally rocks!
Soon I’ll try the “intervention” to support dual the head monitor without mirror mode only and after that let’s see what can be done about the external screen resolution…