In deeper

Posted on April 30, 2004

Today I made the arrangements to buy another Mac.
If all goes well by next monday I’ll be the proud owner of an almost new, Dual G4 867Mhz, Superdrive-equipped, Quicksilver edition PowerMac.

Thanks to Vasco (who apparently is a never-ending source of great deals, having found me the great deal I got on the Canon EOS-10D) I got (yet another) great deal on this Mac. It is second hand but in mint condition (some of the cellophane-like protections are still in place).

This will be a “surprise” to my wife so it’s a good thing she never reads this after all… :D

Now there are some deep philosophical questions hounding me, like:

  • Am I really ready to loose Linux at home?
  • Can I loose Linux at home? More specifically:
    • Can I control my X10 devices from the PowerMac? Even remotely?
    • Is the PowerMac a good machine to be acting as a gateway instead of my current Linux box?
    • Can I control my UPS properly from the PowerMac?
  • Do I want to do any of these things or:
    • Should I just leave the Linux box acting as a gateway (and, well a Linux box) and use the PowerMac as a desktop machine and –more importantly– my Photoshop station and digital jukebox?
  • If I decide to have a Linux gateway shouldn’t I just buy a smaller, quieter box for that purpose? (this is a no-brainer, of course I should, but it’ll just have to wait, money doesn’t pour in quite that fast…) :)

These and many more questions are to be answered in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned to find out how this exciting drama unfolds!