Finally wireless

Posted on September 18, 2003

Boy, is it difficult to get apple hardware!
Finally, exactly one month after the arrival of the iBook, I got the portuguese keyboard (which is somewhat brain-dead, by the way) and the airport card.
This is somewhat ridiculous, making it so hard for people to get the hardware that they want to buy but hey, from what I’ve seen this seems to be the apple way so I’d better get used to it…

The portuguese keyboard has a very amusing feature: all the keys which should have three symbols -the third being activated by pressing alt+key- don’t have the third symbol painted on it.
So if you try to find something somewhat useful like oh say “@”, you will not find it anywhere on the keyboard!
Yes, that’ right it is right where it should be, alt+2, but you have to know it, and so does “£” for example.
And for even funnier examples, you also don’t have “[”, “]”, “{“ and “}” on the keyboard.
Is this funny or what? Or maybe just insanely stupid? I vote for the later!

The airport, of course, totally rocks! :-)