Posted on April 18, 2008

Amazingly enough, in this day and age there are still some people creating moo/mud-like virtual worlds.

This year’s (2008) April’s fools day Guncho was introduced (announcement here).

It is located at 4108 and you can create your own character at

The wiki with all the info about the “game” is at

The concept is interesting enough: any player can create realms for others to play in and the goal is essentially to implement a virtual reality base for people to create their interactive fiction with others.
Yes, it’s been done a long time ago on many a MU[D|OO|SH]. Still, the fact that nowadays someone actually created something like this with only a text interface intrigues me deeply.

I plan to take a closer look at this virtual world and if it turns out to be as interesting as it sounds, I’ll be taking some notes here.