About me and this site

tl;dr: Hello, my name is Nuno and I’m a computer (and Internet) geek, systems architect, occasional programmer, hobbyist robot maker and all-around tech enthusiast. I love learning new things, I’m addicted to music and I love the sun.

If you want to know a bit more read on.

The geeky part

Most of my coding has been done in Perl and I have, in the past, been fairly active in the community, having been a member of the Lisbon Perl Mongers, founding member of the (now defunct) Cascais Perl Mongers and former vice-president of the Portuguese Perl Programmers Association–APPP, of which I was also a founding member.
I’ve enjoyed going to a few YAPCs, London Perl Workshops, and even one of the first Perl-devoted Geek Cruises. That last one was particularly fun!

I have a passion for learning. Since the end of 2011 I’ve been acting on my interest for Artificial Intelligence and robotics (something I merely grazed over while at university, oh-so long ago).

I also like to build things and take on various projects, mostly having some kind of technological angle to it.
These range from building simple arduino-based robots, to maintaining the external community memory system and information harvesting and classification systems for a bunch of friendly lobsters I hang out with, which gather occasionally IRL for beers and a nice chat about the impending technological Singularity.
The most obvious manifestation of this hobby is my role in the OOZ Labs project in which me and two other “maker” friends build things and show how we do it on a Youtube channel (in Portuguese).

If you want to send me an encrypted message you can do so by using pgp. You will find my public key here (or in any number of the public Keyservers out there).

I suppose some context about my professional endeavors is in order, so here it goes: I’ve been working at ISPs for more than 10 years (I’ve been part of the IP Global team, transitioned to Optimus’ ISP in 2012 and am now currently at NOS’ open source development team). It pays the bills, but it’s also fun, for the most part. This has allowed me to get comfortable with lots of technologies at an interesting scale, such as authentication mechanisms (Radius and DHCP), DNS, XMPP, PubSub systems, SQL and noSQL databases, etc.
I do like to design and deploy stuff such as real-time, high-availability services, specifically tailored to handle large volumes of queries in a very time-sensitive environment. Problems regarding big data and time sensitive information are yummy stuff!

The so called “real life”

Besides the all the web and technology related stuff I also like to do many other things in real life.

I love reading and I think e-readers are the best thing to have come along since the invention of the wheel. They allow me to take however many book I wish with me at no weight or volume penalty and allow me to easily get a quick read in during my daily commutes or my vacation time.

I am tea lover. I mainly like black and green teas, though, not so much the herbal ones.

I like to try to surf once in a while–and at the rate I do it, I’ll probably get good at it when I’m old and grey, but hey, it is great fun!
I try to keep fit and that involves hitting the gym regularly and the occasional jog.
I also can’t wait for the ski season to come around each year, even though I have to travel quite a bit to get to the snow. I have the beach and the sun where I live, but definitely not the snow.

Ever since I can remember being me I’ve had music in my head and in my life. I love to listen to it, I’m always studying and learning about it and I sometimes even try to write some of it. Now if I could actually get good at it, I’d be a much happier man.

Whenever I can I like to travel out of my country and get to know different places and people. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the chance to get to know a bit of the world, but there’s still so much to be seen!

The sea and the sun make and break my moods. “Because I want to know”/”Because I want to learn” are usually the best reasons. I believe that people are basically good. I’m fairly good at turning lemons into lemonade.

The disclaimer

This, as the name implies, is my personal website.

As such the content of the whole site is provided under the following DISCLAIMER:

This site is strictly personal and has no affiliation whatsoever with any
of my former, current of future employers. Everything and anything I write
or provide in this site is either mine to give away, in the public domain, 
or it is presented with permission from the author.

If there is anything in here that you find violates these statements, I’d very much like to hear about it, so please drop me a line.

Anyway, in here I put up everything I feel like sharing or things I want to have available over the Internet for my own usage.

Feel free to poke around and come back if you like what you see, but please don’t use my pictures without asking me. If you do ask I’ll probably let you use them, but if you use them without permission and I find out about it, I’ll be really annoyed and do whatever I can to stop you from using them. I’m not a professional (or even a good) photographer but I do like to keep track of what my work is used for.

This site is (and probably always will be) a work in progress.