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Going to Codebits 2011

Sapo Codebits 2011 edition. I’ll be there. After having attended last year’s event I can only say that I can’t wait!

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Originally written on Aug 31, 2011 @ 10:43
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Dead Combo - The campaign concert

The Dead Combo concert at Santiago Alquimista was a good show. I quite liked it and I’m glad I went, even if I’m not truly enticed to go see them play live again. The music was good and the atmosphere was pleasant enough, but I don’t think it warrants a repeat.

Anyway, I did get their latest record (vinyl-only edition, yeah!) and I find it pleasant enough to listen to at home.

Pictures (cell-phone only) here.

Oh! and an anecdote about the show: I found out about it via It said there would be a concert on that day and that’s all. I then went to the Santiago’s site to find out more and there, also, it was only mentioned that they were going to play there, so I hooked up with a friend and we went there on the night of the concert.
But then when we got there we found out that this was a political campaign event (for the local elections soon to be held in Lisbon, and for which I cannot even vote) and that while it was free (as in no charge), we would have to have invitations to attend.
Luckily they were really great people and when we explained that we didn’t actually know about this and we’d only gone to see the band they let us in all the same.
Also lucky was the fact that there was hardly any political campaigning and the concert began as soon as the band got there (almost an hour and a half late, of course).

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Originally written on Jul 13, 2007 @ 10:04
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Super Bock Super Rock - the pictures

Just a quick post to mention that I’ve put the photos I took (with my cell-phone so be warned!) during the Super Bock Super Rock festival on my Flickr account.

Considering that it was mostly dark, I wasn’t always right there at the front and they were taken with a phone-camera, some of them are actually pretty good (if I do say so myself).

And now off to get some dinner and get to the Dead Combo concert.

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Originally written on Jul 10, 2007 @ 19:50
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Act 2 - Day 3 of Super Bock Super Rock 2007

Super Bock Super Rock, is over and I still got in to see the last day, which was great!

So what did I catch yesterday?

  • The Gossip: Only caught the last 3 songs from their act and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t know them beforehand but they sounded like a fun band with a clean and powerful sound. Very nice;

  • TV on the Radio: For these I had some expectations, having heard so many good reviews in different places. I must say I was slightly disappointed by their show, they did nothing for me. Not exactly bad, but nothing special either (for my tastes, at least);

  • Scissor Sisters: Of course it was not comparable to their previous concert in Coliseu de Lisboa, but a really good time anyway with lots more people dancing and enjoying it than I expected. A good festival band;

  • Interpol: Everybody loves Interpol. I didn’t know them. The first few songs really caught my attention and I liked them quite a lot, but then… The whole rest of the show was just one song after another —very similar— song, with barely any interaction with the public at all. They may be a good studio band, with great records, but as for a live one… Not so good. Not so good at all. A bit of a disappointment there.

  • Underworld: What little I knew of Underworld suggested that I would either love them or loathe them in concert and I wasn’t especially sure which way it would go. I even considered leaving the festival just before they came on due to the terrible tiredness and aching legs (have I mentioned before that my 20’s are long gone?). Now I’m really glad I didn’t go. It was a superb show, only made better by the fact that not many people appear to like them and so we had ample space to move around and dance to the frantic and thoroughly fun beats they put out. A real treat this last concert of the festival and now I fully understand my friends who came from Porto especially for this last day —for this band in fact— and went back home the same night, after leaving the show at 02h30.

All in all I enjoyed the two days of the festival I attended, it was great fun, with music ranging from “please, please, make them stop” to “this is bloody brilliant”.

Having said that, I’m also glad this festival only comes around once a year. It will take me some time to recover properly! :-)

Nest Tuesday it’s Dead Combo night at Santiago Alquimista, a very enjoyable venue for what I think could be a very enjoyable live band. I’ll let you know.

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Originally written on Jul 06, 2007 @ 08:37
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Act 2 - Day 1 of Super Bock Super Rock 2007

I managed to attend day one (or should I say evening one?) of the festival, as planned, and the recap is pretty simple:

  • The Gift is not all that good on a festival such as this, they’re definitely more of a small-venue kind of band. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t all that good either and I think the choice of songs and arrangements wasn’t particularly fitting for this context;

  • Klaxons is OK, not exactly my cup of tea, but I’ll keep an eye out for them in the future;

  • Magic Numbers is bad, mkay?

  • Bloc Party is ok-ish… Again not my cup of tea, but they do put on a good show and play really well;

  • Arcade Fire live is something that has to be experienced to be completely understood. This was probably the best rock live show I’ve seen in a good while (although yes, I’ve been attending other kinds of shows lately) ;-). I really liked that band before, but after last night’s performance I’m a total convert to their cause. Absolutely brilliant show!

If I were to go to the festival this evening I’d go in just to see the Jesus and Mary Chain and probably stay to check out the LCD Soundsystem’s show, but I’m not betting on it happening.

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Originally written on Jul 04, 2007 @ 11:01
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World-class sailing in Cascais

This year’s ISAF sailing world championships will be held in Cascais, starting in June.

It appears that the organizers’ official website doesn’t have anything in the guise of RSS feeds with news relating to the event or any form of subscribable calendar on-line, which is a shame. Still, I’m hoping that there will be lots of other (probably international) sites with these things available when the time comes.

This could not have come at a better time: I’ll be moving to Cascais in the beginning of June (if all goes according to plan) and I’ll actually be in walking distance of the marina (OK, a vigorous walk, but very doable anyway) so I’ll take this as a really nice “welcome to your new home” celebration.

If time and mood permit I may be posting some photos or even videos of the event as it unfolds. Assuming I will have unboxed my computers by that time. And my photo and video gear. And I’l have setup my home network. And I’ll have Internet access and… :-)

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Originally written on Apr 27, 2007 @ 12:44
Read article on it's own page (permalink) first tech meeting

The meeting went on yesterday evening and this is just a quick note to recap on it.

  • People seemed to like it (as far as I can tell);
  • Three talks were had, they covered testing (Cog), the backpack command-line tools developed by Melo and the Flickr-Tools distribution by me. They will eventually be made available on the website (won’t they Melo?);
  • Audio recording and video recording took place. Expect both an audio (podcast) and a video version of the talks to be available in the… erm… (not-so-near?)-future. I have in fact already talked to Pedro Custódio (the one who recorded the audio version) about how we could do the video version based on the podcast one, so now that I have committed to it I have to get it done!
  • We already have enough speakers for another meeting (in fact I think we could already fill up two more, but let’s take it one step at a time) so we are aiming at doing another one in a month or so.

On a partially related note, I’m not actually sure if I can say I belong to I mean can you belong to more than one Perlmongers group? Being a founding member of (and 50% of it’s membership) can I say I also belong to Oh well, such are life’s little dilemmas… :-)

So here we all are, except for Pedro Custódio which unfortunately was too far back from the table and so was hidden away by Francisco (and José who took the shot): first tech meeting

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Originally written on Nov 17, 2005 @ 13:01
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Avast, me hearties!

Not that I’ve followed the tradition like, ever before, but I’m not failing to aknowledge the International Talk Like a Pirate Day this year.

Shiver me timbers! :-)

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Originally written on Sep 19, 2005 @ 18:55
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Baptizado do Diogo

Foi ontem (7 de Novembro) o baptizado do Diogo (o meu primeiro sobrinho).

De cada vez que há um acontecimento mais importante referente a ele eu apercebo-me que ainda não me entrou por completo o significado total do Diogo ter nascido.

Os meus pais são avós. Os meus tios são tios-avós. Os meus avós são bisavós!!

How cool is that? :-):w

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Originally written on Nov 08, 2004 @ 18:09
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It has started this week.

I don’t get the BBC Radio 4 here so I’ll just listen to the episodes on-line.

Now being the ever forgetful person I am I had to setup a reminder to go get each episode.

And while I was at it why not do it the right way and share it with people to boot?

Go get it —removed the old and out-dated feed— in ICS format. Leave the notifications on if you want to be reminded before the start of each episode and be aware of the 7-day download period for each episode.

Enjoy! :-)

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Originally written on Sep 22, 2004 @ 19:30
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American Mars Rover Missions Weblog

I’ve been trying to avoid simply posting links here but this deserves to be mentioned.

I’ve been following the American mars rover missions from a number of sources, but more and more I’m using the Mars Rover Mission Blog as my primary source of information.

It is complete, updated with a regularity which is compatible with my viewing time constrains and the comments by the author of the weblog are usually interesting.

Good show James, keep up the excellent work!

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Originally written on Jan 27, 2004 @ 17:36
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Nem sei bem o que dizer. Recebi hoje a notícia de que vou ser tio! O Pedro (o meu irmão do meio) e a Margarida vão ser pais já em Junho.
A notícia foi totalmente inesperada, uma grande surpresa.
E por isso nem sei bem o que dizer. Mas é algo do género: Uau! Que fixe!
É o primeiro bébé da geração dos irmãos e cunhados e, claro, é a primeira vez que vou ser tio.
Nem sei bem o que esperar, mas vai ser cá uma viagem…
Agora é só esperar que corra tudo bem!
Muitos parabéns e muita coragem aos futuros pais!
Pois… E a minha mãe vai ficar positivamente histérica de alegria. Oh lá se vai!! :)

Update: É verdade, já me esquecia, é menino. Na grande tradição da minha família, aliás (3 irmãos pela minha mãe e 2 irmãos pelo meu tio). No use fighting it…

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Originally written on Jan 20, 2004 @ 23:27
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O aniversário da Tuxa é hoje, mas a festa foi ontem com os parabéns, bolo, presentes etc depois da meia-noite.

E o resultado é que hoje no dia do aniversário propriamente dito a Tuxa está doente… Demasiada animação (mesmo faltando 10 pessoas eram mais de 30 convidados cá em casa), agitação e comida deram um resultado um bocado mau. Bom, para o ano que vem corre melhor.

Entretanto como a aniversariante está a tostas e chá fico eu com a missão de acabar com toda a comida que sobrou (e sim, a tradição aí mantém-se e vou ter comida para uns dias largos). Ah, os sacrifícios que se fazem de vez em quando… :)

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Originally written on Oct 19, 2003 @ 17:23
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Mais um para o clube

O casamento do Hugo contra com a Suzana foi assim:

Pormenor das velas no chão da igreja:

[As fotos que estavam aqui linkadas perderam-se algures no passado.]

E agora lá estão eles na Africa do Sul.
Boa sorte para os dois, e não me estou a referir à viagem, mas sim ao depois! ;)

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Originally written on Oct 14, 2003 @ 17:28
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Está tudo louco

Está tudo a casar!
Mesmo os que menos esperávamos (pelo menos para já)…

Foi o Melito muito recentemente e agora o Hugo.

Doidos é o que eu digo!

Enfins, mais uma despedida de solteiro na quinta-feira. Últimamente são às dúzias, o que é feito dos casamentos de verão?

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Originally written on Oct 01, 2003 @ 13:33
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