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Diary 2007-10-12

Contrary to what was supposed to happen, I’m still home. Murphy insists on being present and this trip (which has had far too many ups and downs in the planning stages) has now been delayed for a couple of days. Still waiting to see how we’ll manage everything, but I’m not exactly holding my breath. What a mess!

Still, I got to play a little bit of Wii last evening (for the first time) and I did like it a lot, although I must say I’m probably not buying one anyway.

So today I decided to make the most of the extra time I gained and I’ve already sent in my submission to the next episode of the Contrast Podcast, by the theme of “Time”. I chose a song which I really love and I’ll be quite happy if I make it into to episode.

Now to look for something to do tonight. Can’t say I’m thrilled by the prospects, though, (musically-speaking). Movie anyone? :-)

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Originally written on Oct 12, 2007 @ 14:39
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