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Today’s update for Mac OS X

I don’t know if “surreal” is actually the best word to describe this, but if it’s not, then it must be very close indeed…

This evening when I turned on my iMac G5 at home up popped the Software Update window with a new update I hadn’t seen all day on my iBook.

In fact the update is iMac G5 specific and the title is “iMag G5 Sleep Light Update”.

That intrigued me, but it was a specific iMac G5 update so of course I went on and installed it but before, as always, I read the description. And I just couldn’t believe my eyes…

The update, then, makes the sleep light on the iMac go fainter in the evening, while maintaining the usual brightness during daytime.

Yes, that’s right, I’ll repeat that: the little pulsating “I’m alive but sleeping” light will pulse as brightly as ever during the day but will be softer in the evening.

Sometimes Apple just cracks me up! It almost (but not quite) makes up for the nightmarish distribution problems they have around here. (Not quite, no, I’m about to give up on buying my Mac Mini, after almost 5 months’ wait for one with a memory upgrade. Grrr!).

So, surreal is not that far off, is it?

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Originally written on Jul 21, 2005 @ 23:48
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