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Portishead At Coliseu de Lisboa

It was yesterday, the second date of the 2008 tour of Portishead and I was there.

I had never seen them perform live, so I guess I can say I’ve been waiting… more than 10 years for this!

And despite all the anticipation I had built up regarding this concert it still blew my socks off!

The new album is very different from anything they’d done in the past and somewhat “weird”, but it does work very well when played live; but the best part, by far, was that they chose to play lots and lots of the old stuff intertwined with the new songs. And everybody there knew those songs and was having an extremely good time!

While I can’t say for sure yet (it is still March, after all), I do believe this will be a strong contender for “concert of the year” (on my book, at least). It will undoubtedly make it into the top-5 at the very least.

So I have some (god-awful) pictures I took with my cell phone and they’re up at the usual place.

Also, if you read Portuguese, there was this guy there with us who also wrote about it on his blog.

Portishead at the Coliseu de

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Originally written on Mar 28, 2008 @ 12:10
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Microblogging is taking the Blogging out of me

I’ve seen this happening to many other people and now I come to the conclusion that I’ve fallen for it too.

Microblogging (in it’s many forms) is definitely taking most of the blogging out of me.

Twitter (makes more sense viewed in context with my friends), Jaiku and even Flickr (which won’t be all that interesting to you unless you have an account and are my friend, because only then do you get to see most of my pictures) are getting filled with a steady stream of my thoughts and presence, but the good old blog is dwindling a bit.

The fact that I can jot things down on these services via Instant Messenger, from my phone via SMS and MMS of via their respectives web interfaces makes it just so easy to spill my guts in there that I’ve come to find the act of actually blogging cumbersome and, many times, as too much trouble to be worth the effort.

Then again, the things I microblog about aren’t really that deep or important. Or even interesting sometimes. As an old curmudgeon friend of mine (who is himself on Twitter, but only updates to friends) is fond of saying: “IRC never died, it just became Twitter” and sometimes the level of the conversations there tend to prove just that.

Still, it is fun!

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Originally written on Mar 22, 2008 @ 15:27
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Amen Omen

Today was yet another one of those days. There was this one song that felt strangely compelling and which I just couldn’t stop listening to.

This time around the choice… well no, not a choice really, you don’t choose these things, but I digress… The song in question, then, is Amen Omen by Ben Harper.

I really don’t think the song needs any explanation, the lyrics —which I transcribe below— are pretty obvious.
Today, for some reason, it just felt right that I listened to it over and again.

what started as a whisper
slowly turned into a scream
searching for an answer
where the question is unseen
i don’t know where you came from
and i don’t know where you’ve gone
old friends become old strangers
between the darkness and the dawn

amen omen
will i see your face again
amen omen
can i find the place within
to live my life without you

i still hear you saying
all of life is a chance
and is sweetest
when at a glance
but i live a hundred
lifetimes in a day
but i die a little
in every breath that i take

amen omen
will i see your face again
amen omen
can i find the place within
to live my life without you

i listen to a whisper
slowly drift away
silence is the loudest
parting word you never say
i put your world
into my veins
now a voiceless sympathy
is all that remains

amen omen
will i see your face again
amen omen
can i find the place within
to live my life without you

Once upon a time (roughly one year ago) this was the soundtrack to my life. But regardless of ever having experienced anything like this, I think anyone can surely appreciate the beauty of these words.

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Originally written on Mar 12, 2008 @ 21:00
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CNET’s newsletter

Well, this is a good surprise!

A while back I subscribed to a newsletter from CNETBuzz Out Loud’s show notes, to be precise— and even if I do glance at it every time I receive it, I usually don’t click any link on it.

So today I got an automated email stating that they noticed I haven’t clicked on anything for a while now and asking whether I want to keep subscribed to the newsletter. If I don’t take any action I will be unsubscribed.

We know that unwanted e-mail can be a real headache, so if you want to continue to receive your CNET newsletters, please click the link below. No other action or forms are necessary: simply by clicking, you will let us know that you would like to remain a subscriber. Otherwise, we’ll unsubscribe you and help keep the clutter out of your in-box.

CNET has actually built an automated system for unsubscribing people when they don’t give out any signs of life in a while.
Wow! I’m amazed!

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Originally written on Mar 10, 2008 @ 15:30
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O Fundo

Sei que já não escrevo aqui há uns tempos. E ainda não é desta que me vou alongar muito, mas a propósito de algo que me anda a ocupar a mente desde há uns tempos encontrei hoje este artigo absolutamente brilhante que toca no ponto fucral da oferta de “Fundos de Certificado de Reforma” do governo.

O resumo da coisa é o seguinte:

Mas o que mais me preocupa é a sensação de volatilidade de opinião do próprio Estado. Como irei acreditar em alguém que acabou de alterar, unilateralmente, as condições de remuneração dos Certificados de Aforro? Que garantias tenho eu que o Estado não vai fazer a estes Fundos de Certificado de Reforma o mesmo que fez anteriormente aos Fundos de Pensões dos CTT ou da CGD? Agora é que é a valer?

Vejam quem sabe escrever a levantar a lebre como deve ser.

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Originally written on Mar 05, 2008 @ 18:01
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